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McAuley Fire Dept.

McAuley Fire Department serves the Village's of McAuley and Manson along with 6 townships in the RM of Archie. The McAuley Fire department is made up of 12 dedicated  volunteer members, who are always training and honing their skills in order to protect the ratepayers of Ellice - Archie to the best of their abilities.
 The Fire Chief is Charles Barkley
and the Deputy Chief is Scott Webb.

St. Lazare - Ellice Fire Department   

(in the process of being updated)                                            

Oak Lake Mutual Aid
The McAuley Fire Department is a member of the Oak Lake Mutual Aid District.  The district mutual aid systems, as organized and supervised by the office of the fire commissioner are reciprocal-aid arrangements between the councils of municipalities that operate fire department which authorize their fire department to assist neighboring departments in the district under a prearranged plan for large fires.

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